ISA: Objectives & Purpose

Assessment is an essential part of every student’s academic journey. ISA provides the right combination of inputs to evaluate practical skills gained as per the grade level skills achieved by the pupil of international schools.  The ISA sanctions schools to benchmark themselves against other schools worldwide by combination assessment anecdotes:

  • Provides an external assessment of core skills in mathematical literacy, reading and writing of the students.

  • Detailed result analysis of individual, class and school to improve methodology of teaching and internal evaluation

  • Provides an assessment with a broad cultural base
  • Provides International normative information

International School’s Assessment: for Parents

Measure Children’s growth and performance over time

The ISA provides parents an Individual Report that outlines the details of their child’s performance and growth in mathematics, literacy and reading and writing over time. It also illustrates the areas the child has mastered, the areas that he/she needs to work on and hence, provides a comparison report with students at the same grade level in other international schools.

International Schools Assessment: For Teachers

Provides detailed diagnostic particulars
The ISA Class reports provide detail about their student’s progress and performance in each question which they related to skills mastered in each topic broadly. The ISA scale scores allow teachers to directly compare students’ results at different grade levels and to track the performance of students over time.

International Schools’ Assessment: For Schools

Provides various reports that Compares with other Internationals Schools like:

a. The ISA National Comparisons Report allows schools to compare themselves against PISA country performance.

b. ISA School Report is also being provided to the school administrators. This report provides summary statistics that allow them to monitor their schools’ performance over time and to compare their performance at each grade level with all the other schools that participated in the ISA.

c. The ISA Interactive Diagnostic Report helps schools to interpret and use the ISA data to inculcate improvements in teaching and learning.
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