Standardised School Tests in Australia

ACER is a recognized international leader in the development of educational assessment and reporting tools for schools and systems. The School tests are developed to track student progress from year to year and to provide diagnostic information to inform teaching and learning.

Following are the Standardized school tests:

 Test ContentYear level
 Compass Literacy and Numeracy Assessment  Literacy, Numeracy, Reasoning Primary, Secondary Online
 International Benchmark Tests (IBT) Literacy, Numeracy Primary, Secondary ACER only
 International Schools' Assessment (ISA) Literacy, Numeracy Science Primary, Secondary
 ACER only
 Measures of Student Development (MSD) Literacy, Numeracy, Reasoning Primary, Secondary ACER only
 Progressive Achievement Tests in Mathematics (PAT Maths) Numeracy Primary, Secondary In school, Scoring services
Progressive Achievement Tests in Mathematics Plus (PATMaths Plus) Numeracy Primary, Secondary Online
 Progressive Achievement Tests in Reading (PAT-R) Literacy Primary, Secondary Online, In school, Scoring services
 Progressive Achievement Tests in Science (PAT Science) Science Primary, Secondary In school, Scoring services
 Progressive Achievement Tests in Written Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (PAT-SPG) Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar Primary, Secondary In school, Scoring services
Tests of Reading Comprehension (TORCH)LiteracyPrimary, SecondaryIn school, Scoring

Importance of School Tests
  • School tests provides Information about growth over time
  • Give teachers detailed information about the kinds of skills their students have mastered and those they need to learn.
  • Gives school administrators summary statistics that allow them to monitor their schools’
  • Depicts performance over time and enable to compare the schools’ performance at each grade level with all the other schools
  • Provides a multifaceted estimate of students’ level of achievement
  • Are socially inclusive and outcomes based
  • Culturally sensitive but links with learning or earning
  • Track students’ progress regularly
  • Identify students’ strengths and weaknesses using the optional short-answer questions
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