PAT Maths Plus - Progressive Achievement Test in Mathematics Plus

PAT Maths Plus was introduced in the year 2009 by the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER).
PATMaths Plus is a series of ten online tests comprising of 330 questions, covering Years 1 to 10.  It has been developed to measure the skills and understanding of mathematics that, students have acquired over a course of time. The PATMaths Plus can be conducted online individually or to a large group.
Please note PAT Maths and PAT Maths Plus are not two separate tests now. However, there is one common single PAT Math Administration

PAT Maths Plus: Attributes

PATMaths Plus online format enables in saving time for marking and result reporting besides,  other paper is also much faster. Its online results delivery system provides results quicker and error free. Another significant attribute of PATMaths Plus is that it facilitates the teachers to spot out the weaknesses and the strong points of their students by the score and percentile rank achieved by them. The teachers can compare the results and degree of accomplishment in mathematics over time using the PATMaths Plus scores.

PAT Maths Plus: Eligibility

Students from Grades 3 to 10 are eligible.

PAT Maths Plus: Time Duration of the test

Instruction time: 5–10 minutes
Actual test time: 40 minutes to complete the actual test online.
Timing: Either start or at the end of the year.

PAT Maths Plus: Format

Questions are classified into five strands: Number; Space; Measurement; Chance & Data; and Algebra.
PATMaths Plus: Registration
The schools needs to register at and submit the details as required. The schools also mentions about the number of students enrolled. Once the school is registered and verified by ACER, the students of that particular school can appear for PATMaths Plus test. Student details are uploaded onto the school test website by the test administrator. Each Student is given a unique username and password by which he/she can log-into the test and give the test within the time duration given.

PAT Maths Plus: Advantageous for Teachers

PATMaths Plus Results are useful to teachers as it helps to identify students potential and helps to track their performance over time. It brings into light, the student’s strong and weak spots, and accordingly helps to make important decisions like whether a particular student to be picked out for extension programs or needs a personal assistance to improve his/her performance.

Year Levels

PAT Maths Plus comprises ten tests of increasing overall difficulty covering a range of year levels.

 PAT Maths Plus Tests Number of items Recommended year levels
 PAT Maths Third Edition paper-and-pencil equivalent
 1 20 1, 2 n/a
 2 22 1, 2 n/a
 3 26 2, 3 Test A
 4 32 3, 4 Test 1
 5 35 3, 4, 5 Test 2
 6 37 4, 5, 6 Test 3
 7 38 5, 6, 7 Test 4
 8 39 6, 7, 8 Test 5–6
 9 40 8, 9Test 6–7
 10 41 9, 10 Test 7

PAT Maths Plus: Reports

Two reports are generated-Individual and group report. Also, Interactive reports are generated immediately after the tests are completed online.

The PAT Maths Plus Individual Report provides the raw score and percentile ranking of each individual, comparison of test takers with peers and also outlines the performance of the students.

The PAT Maths Plus Group Report provides the number of points a student earned on a test, percentile rank, stanines a detailed comparison and progress sheet of the students to review the results over time.
** Stanines: (STAndard NINE) is a method of scaling test scores on a nine-point standard scale with a mean of five (5) and a standard deviation of two (2).

** Percentile Rank: The percent of candidates that are at or below a score.

Pricing Structure: Varies

PAT Maths Plus online prices include instant electronic scoring and reporting of students' results.

Online Tests: Tests can be purchased on an individual basis, or on a 12 month license. The costs of the tests varies as per the school size i.e., enrollment of the students and the assessment programs starting from $352.00 to $3718.00.

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