PAT Maths - Progressive Achievement Test in Mathematics

PAT Maths developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), is an Australian online as well as paper-based test designed to provide complete information to teachers about the level of achievement attained by their students in the skills and understanding of mathematics which in turn, is applied to compare students performance to a larger group of students.

PAT Maths: Format

The PATMaths Fourth Edition tests cover six mathematics strands. Each test includes at least five items for each of the strands it covers.
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Statistics
  • Probability

PAT Maths: Eligibility

Students from Grades 3 to 10 are eligible.

PAT Maths: Timing

PAT Maths tests may be used to monitor change in achievement over time by ensuring nine months is allowed between testing sessions.
  • The tests can be used at any time between February and November each year.

PAT Maths: Duration

  • Tests 1 - 10: 40 minutes
  • Administration time: 5-10 minutes

PAT Maths: Characteristic

The PATMaths test key characteristic is that the test is a multiple-choice test and the test scores offer both formative as well as summative reports showcasing the scale scores for each strand thereby enabling the teachers as well as parents to track their student’s level of achievement from year to year.

PAT Maths: Registration

Registering for the PAT Maths is very simple and is available online. The schools needs to register at and submit the details as required. The schools also mentions about the number of students enrolled. Once the school is registered, the ACER's online assessment and reporting team will confirm the school registration.

As a part of confirmation of the registration- the school needs to pay the fee for the test and an invoice is sent to the school.   The students of that particular school can appear for PATMaths test. Student details are uploaded onto the school test website by the test administrator. Each Student is given a unique username and password by which he/she can log-into the test and give the test within the time duration given.

Year Levels

Each of the ten PAT Maths Fourth Edition tests assesses the content of one year level of the Australian mathematics curriculum from Year 1 to Year 10, which assumes coverage of the curriculum of lower year levels. The recommended year levels for each test are shown below:

 Test Recommended year levels and time of administration
 Test Booklet 1
 End  of Year 1, start of Year 2
 Test Booklet 2 End  of Year 2, start of Year 3
 Test Booklet 3 End  of Year 3, start of Year 4
 Test Booklet 4 End  of Year 4, start of Year 5
 Test Booklet 5 End  of Year 5, start of Year 6
 Test Booklet 6
 End  of Year 6, start of Year 7
 Test Booklet 7 End  of Year 7, start of Year 8
 Test Booklet 8 End  of Year 8, start of Year 9
 Test Booklet 9 End  of Year 9, start of Year 10
 Test Booklet 10 End  of Year 10

Scoring and Reporting

There are two ways of arriving at the scores and reporting of the same:
  1. Manual scoring

    PAT Maths scores can be manually calculated and reported, using the score keys that are being provided along with the teacher manual.

  2. Software scoring

    The students when appears online for PATMaths test, their responses are recorded onto the data processor. The Excel Spreadsheet available in computer hence calculates the test score and scale score from the responses already fitted onto the computer.
The software generates individual reports in PDF format and group reports in Excel format.


The PAT Maths Fourth Edition Specimen Set price varies depending upon whether you need hard copy, USB or downloadable or the combinations of each. Along with the set come the respective test booklets and the Answer sheets but the monetary values of each varies.
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