PAT Science - Progressive Achievement test in Science

The Progressive Achievement Tests in Science (PAT Science) provide teachers and schools with information about students' levels of achievement of the concepts, skills and processes of science and a foundation for monitoring individual progress.

PAT Science: Purpose

It is designed to assess scientific knowledge, scientific literacy and understanding of scientific principles, as well as their application.

PAT Science: Characteristics

  • Has a common scale for all eight tests, giving teachers the ability to compare different students using different tests and monitor progress over time
  • Provides complete and detailed reports to parents stating student’s scores and their progress over time.
  • A CD containing copy masters of administration instructions, score keys and a range of report formats.
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Identify students’ strengths and weaknesses using the optional short-answer questions
  • Helps to bring out novel ways of teaching by tracking the progress of students and identifying their weak and strong points.

PAT Science: Eligibility

Students from Years 3 to 10 are eligible.

PAT Science: Registration

The schools needs to register at and submit the details as required. The schools also mentions about the number of students enrolled. Once the school is registered and verified by ACER, the students of that particular school can appear for PAT Science test.

Generally, the students need to sit the PAT Science at their school or college.

Test Components

  • Teacher Manual with CD (contains all information required to administer, score and interpret the tests).
  • Re-usable Test Booklets (eight multiple-choice tests, each targeted at a particular year level but suitable for use and normed in adjacent year levels to cater for differing abilities).
  • Answer Sheets (scannable answer sheets to save time to get the scores).
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