STAT - Preparation

STAT involves a series of tests that assesses a range of competencies considered important for success in tertiary study. STAT is a significant component of the admission process that is being used by many Australian tertiary institutions, for certain categories of applicants.

STAT: Preparation Tips

  • Go through the preliminary information given in the free STAT Candidate Information Booklet thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the pattern
  • Solve as much as possible practice papers.
  • Time-management is the most important skill to work on. Learn to manage time.
  • Read the questions carefully and thoroughly.
  • For STAT Written English: The candidates are accessed on their writing patterns, hence they must focus on the language, the usage of words and phrases and the flow and structure of writing.

STAT-Test Day

Essentials required on the test day are as follows:
  • Admission Ticket  being issued by the Tertiary Admissions Centre: The Admission ticket has all the indispensable details of the STAT exam viz, the test location, date, time and most importantly, the candidate number.

  • Photo-bearing identification like current passport, Australian driver’s license, photographic proof of age card or key pass card.
The identification document must contain the following:
- Your name: that must match the name used on the Admission ticket.
- Your date of birth
- A recent photograph (embedded in the card i.e. not laminated)
- your signature
  • Compulsory Stationery
    - Two pencils (B, 2B or HB)
    - Eraser
    - Pencil sharpener
    - Blue or black pens (if sitting the STAT Written English)

If the candidate does not posses any of the above named forms of photo-bearing identification, then in that case, the candidate must obtain a statutory declaration, supplemented by a photo which has been signed on the back by the witness to the statutory declaration.

Special Arrangements

If you have asked for special arrangements as a result of a disability or other condition, adjustments will be made for you on the test day.
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