The STAT assesses core competencies deemed indispensable for university entrance, testing critical thinking and logical thinking. There are three types of STAT in use:

  • The STAT Multiple Choice
    • The conventional test used by tertiary institutions.
    • No. of Questions: 70 questions in total, out of which 35 questions are of verbal, i.e. humanities and social science and next 35 questions are Quantitative i.e. mathematical and scientific related.
    • Duration: Two hours

  • The STAT F
    • This test is used by some individual institutions and for specific courses only.
    • No. of Questions: 70 questions, half of which are Verbal and half Quantitative.
    • Duration: Two hours.

  • The STAT Written English
    • This test measures the communication and inditing skills of the candidate.
    • Duration: One-hour

Detailed: Format

a. Verbal (Critical) Reasoning
The Verbal section centers around on the interpretation and comprehension of ideas and thoughts in language. The section involves identification, understanding, and interpretation of the main idea of the passage or the problem given.

b. Quantitative Reasoning
The Quantitative section tests the decision-making and problem-solving ability of the candidates by providing information in a scientific and mathematical way. The questions may be in numeric, symbolic, spatial or graphical form.

c. Written English
The objective of STAT Written English is to assess your ability to communicate effectively in writing. The cornerstones’ on which STAT Written English is assessed are: the Content, the flow and the structure. The concept and viewpoints must be clear in your mind and accordingly been penned down by you. There must be a flow and a sequence in the writing. The writing must be reader-friendly and the composition and style must certainly be simple, clear, concrete and concise.

STAT Format at a glance:

STAT Multiple Choice / STAT F / STAT T

 Reading time: 10 minutes
 Test Time: 2 hours
 Questions: 70 multiple-choice questions,
half Verbal Reasoning, half Quantitative Reasoning
 Usage: Sat by the majority of candidates, registering through the Tertiary Admissions Centres

STAT Written English

 Reading time: 5 minutes
 Test Time: 1 hour
 Questions: 2 written essays, one Argumentative and one Personal
 Usage: Used by some, but not all, institutions.

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