GAMSAT: Results & Scoring

The results of GAMSAT are conveyed via email.  The results will include individual section score as well as Overall GAMSAT score. The Overall Score will be a weighted average of the three section scores. Scoring: Each of the four GAMSAT scores will be expressed on a scale of 0 to 100.

The Overall GAMSAT Score will be calculated using the following formula:
Overall Score = (1 x Section I 1 x Section II 2 x Section III) 4.

** Overall Scores are calculated by ACER to several decimal places and then rounded.
Analysis: The scores are depicted in a chart form, thereby enabling to estimate an approximate percentile ranking for your Overall Score.

GAMSAT-Preparation Tips and Tricks

The GAMSAT is the foremost obstacle that one needs to jump in the pursuit to study medicine. If you have dreamt of donning a white coat to save lives and change lives as a doctor, or dentist, the key is to hit the books hard and score well on your GAMSAT.

Sectional: Preparation Strategy
There are three sections to the test: Reasoning in Humanities & Social Sciences; Written Communication; and Reasoning in Biological & Physical Sciences.

GAMSAT Preparation Sections I & II
The best means to prepare for Sections I & II is to read widely, read pretty much whatever you can get your hands on. Focus on poetry, fiction and non fictional areas. Look for the implied meaning in what you read. Form opinions and judgments’. Improve your vocabulary skills and practice with the complicated phrases and words.

GAMSAT Preparation Section III
Section III of GAMSAT can be prepared well by solving as many as possible sample practice papers. Study the subject with more concentration.

These strategies would enhance your level of preparation and help you to crack the test.

GAMSAT: Test Day

Essentials to carry on the ‘test day’ are:
  • Admission Ticket
    The Admission Ticket will have printed on it your personal details, date, time and venue of the test. This ticket is your permission to attend the test and a printed copy must be taken with you on the day.

  • Identification Proof
    On the day of the test you will be required to present an original identification document. The only acceptable documents are:
    - a valid passport, or
    - a current, photo-bearing driver’s license (learner’s permit, probationary or full license),or
    - A certified letter of identification: This letter must be on official institution/employer letterhead and contain your name, date of birth, signature and title of the official verifying the identification, as well as your own signature. The letter must also have a passport photo glued to the letter with institution/employer stamp overlapping the photo.

  • Stationery
    - Pencils (medium soft HB), pens (blue or black ink), and eraser.
** For Non-English Candidates: Candidates whose native language is not English may bring a printed bilingual dictionary into the test for use in Section I and Section II only. The pages should be unmarked and all notes removed are allowed and acceptable.
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