How actual GAT Looks Like and Scoring

The GAT is an essential part of the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) assessment procedures.

GAT: Format

The GAT examines your skills and knowledge in written communication, maths, science, as well as humanities area.

GAT: Format

a. The two Writing task

Writing Task 1 presents written and graphical information in colour. The first writing task assesses your writing skills, composition and style of writing, and the structure of writing whether reader friendly or not. 
Writing Task 2 includes some statements on an issue and based on that issue you are required to express your viewpoints or opinions. This task assesses your thinking skills and was you able to communicate your point quickly, convincingly and effectively.
  • Total Duration: 60 Minutes (30 minutes for each task i.e. task 1 and 2)
b. Multiple choice questions

The multiple-choice covers questions on mathematics, science, technology, humanities, the arts, and social sciences. 
  • No. of Questions: 70 questions
  • Duration: Two hours 
** No negative marking is there i.e., marks are not deducted for wrong answers.

Tasks: Timing
The GAT is a three-hour session. The three hours are divided into the following approximate time allocations:

 Writing task 130 minutes 
 Writing task 2 30 minutes
 Multiple-choice questions 2 hours
 Total 3 hours

GAT Eligibility Criterion

  • All students enrolled in one or more VCE particularly Unit 3 and 4 of VCE Study whether in year 11 or year 12 are eligible to sit for the GAT (General Achievement Test).

GAT Results & Scoring

GAT: Scoring & Results

GAT results are declared in December. The GAT Result statement shows a student’s raw score out of:
  • 40 for written communication
  • 35 for mathematics, science and technology
  • 35 for humanities, the arts and social sciences.
This statement also provides a detailed report of student’s GAT results that includes the standardized scores.

GAT Standardized Score Calculation Method

The standardized score are calculated and reported using the scale from 0 to 50 with a mean of 30 and a standard deviation of 7.

GAT Marking

The GAT papers are graded twice, by two different markers distinctly.

Derived Examination Scores:
A student whose performance on an examination is affected by the onset of illness, accident or personal trauma can apply for a Derived Examination Score. The Derived examination score is calculated statistically from your other assessments throughout the year including:  moderated coursework scores, School assessed Task scores, General Achievement Test (GAT) scores, other examination scores (if applicable) and indicative grades provided by the school.

 If your DES application is approved, the VCAA will calculate a derived score. The highest of the derived score and the achieved score will be used for your final exam score which will then be reported as a grade.
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