PQA: Score

PQA: Results & Scoring

The result of Personal Qualities Assessment is represented in score form. Each test scores are individually mentioned.
The results for Mental Agility Test; MAT - are given as scores that express the number of correct answers. The results for Mojac, NACE and the Personal Characteristics Inventory are provided as four separate scores:
  • a moral orientation score indicates the interpersonal skills and social responsibilities of the applicant
  • An Involved vs. Detached score indicates the responsiveness and confidence of the applicant. The higher the score more is the understanding level of the applicant.
  • A Resilience score indicates the flexibility of the applicant. The higher the score more is the spirit to work under any given conditions.
  • Control score indicates the degree of self-control.
Graphical representation and the 'type' descriptors relevant to the sectors of the circle:
The result is being transformed into types based on the score received by the applicants. Below is the graphical representation of those types:

Moral Types

Moral Types are derived from the orthogonality of Interpersonal Value (Mojac) scores and Interpersonal Trait (NACE) scores.

Scores from the tests are plotted as a single point on a grid depicted as a circle below. The population mean taken is 50 with a standard deviation of 10. The position within the circle indicates one of seven Moral Types.

PQA Australia

** The positions closer to the outer edges of the circle indicate increasing more extreme tendencies.

Moral types: Detailed

Involved Libertarian
Highly values individual freedom for self and others and will be greatly concerned when another's individual rights are jeopardized. This type is receptive, dynamic, outspoken, liberal and sociable.

Involved Dualist
Highly values individual freedom and duty to social laws and perceived norms. This type is trusting, empathetic and wants outcome come what may.

Involved Communitarian
Highly values laws and perceived norms, even when the maintenance of such laws and norms are detrimental to an individual's well-being. This type follows rules to the core. They are diligent and caring.

Central Tendency
Values the needs of the individual and the needs of society and will usually attempt to balance these needs in a situation of moral conflict.

Detached Libertarian
Highly values the freedom to act in their own best interests but does not extend this to others. Has a low regard for social norms. This type is narcissist, manipulative, observant and hostile.

Detached Communitarian
Highly values adherence to laws and the perceived norms of their dominant social reference group. This type is narrow-minded and intolerant.

Detached Dualist
Aloof and detached from others and does not particularly value individual freedom and well-being, or the laws and norms of society. This type is introvert and quiet.

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