Personal Qualities Assessment - PQA

PQA: An Introduction

The PQA is an online tool designed to measure a range of personal qualities considered to be paramount for the study and practice of medicine. Miles Bore, Don Munro and David Powis have developed personality questionnaires and ability tests for use in the selection of medical students. This personal assessment test makes it possible to identify and formalize the personal qualities and capabilities of the applicants.

PQA: Purpose

The Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA) was developed for use in the selection of medical student by measuring a range of non-cognitive attributes in the applicants. It tests mental agility, personality profile and moral orientation of the applicants.

PQA: Format

A four-part test called the Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA) has been developed as a measure of some of these qualities: it consists of
  1. the Mental Agility Test (MAT), which measures cognitive skills
  2. the Mojac scale, which measures moral orientation
  3. the NACE scale, which measures Narcissism, Aloofness, Confidence and Empathy.
  4. the PCI (Personal Characteristics Inventory), which measures behaviour and thought process.

PQA: Special Arrangements

For Special test arrangements, the candidate must take permission in writing and. These special sittings as a result of disability or other conditions are made available as long as sufficient notice is given and the candidate has provided the adequate evidence to support the request.
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